Astrologist & Womans Right Activist Eleanor Kirk (1831-1908)

Astrologist & Womans Right Activist Eleanor Kirk (1831-1908)

Eleanor Kirk 

Eleanor Kirk is an American writer famous for writing about astrology and fighting for women's rights. She published many books and became a regular contributor to the Revolution and Packard’s Monthly. Besides writing, Eleanor was a mental scientist, businesswoman and suffragist. She was born on 1831 October 7th to her parents, Easterbrook and Elizabeth. Eleanor was born in Rhode Island, Warren, before moving to Brooklyn, New York, to pursue her life and career. 

Eleanor’s Personal Life

Eleanor was a widow three times before attaining 40 years. This changed the way she viewed marriage life. Her five children required support since they were desolate from their fathers. She was first married on November 18th, 1849, at Warren in Rhode Island by Samuel Smith. After a year, she was widowed and had a baby in 1851. A year later, she married Wilber Fisk, and they had a son together. Wilbur Fisk also died, and in 1854, Eleanor became a widow. The third time she was widowed was in 1871 after being married to William Ames. They had three children William, Joseph Seymour, Edward Griffin and Mary Ames. Eleanor died in 1908. 

Eleanor’s Career

Eleanor's real name is Eleanor Ames, though she opted to write her books using her pen name, Eleanor Kirk. Her publications mentored young writers. She was included to publish in the magazine "Eleanor Kirk's ideas" to continue motivating young writers. Up Broadway and Its Sequel, Information for Authors, and Periodicals That Pay Contributors are works written by Eleanor. In 1870, Eleanor became the most pronounced person fighting for human rights. 

Eleanor’s Astrological Writings

Eleanor was prominent for writing about the astrological field. Here are some of her famous works about the zodiac signs. Her main books about astrology are:

  • The Influence of The Zodiac Upon Human Life
  • The book offers a clear and profound conversation about astrology. It provides the simple zodiac terms that make astrology easy to understand. Reading the book, you understand the influence of each zodiac sign, location and characteristics. 

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    Eleanor also details how each sign governs the astral colours and gems associated with the zodiac patterns. She mentioned how human beings grow, the diseases of the body and how they can be cured. Such are the aspects that depict she was a mental scientist. There are different domains and faults of character incidental that Eleanor details in this book. It is a short book with many information about zodiac signs that anyone can learn about. 

    Eleanor specifies personality characteristics and offers tips about the mode of growth. The book details how individuals can honour their zodiac characteristics. 

    Finally, she mentions the characteristics of children born in various domains and conditions observed during their education and care. These elements are detailed with an individual's personality ability and talent, referencing their social, domestic and business success. 

  • Libra: An Astrological Romance
  • TA astrological romance is one of the selected books among Eleanor’s works. However, the book has been reported to contain innumerable typos and spelling mistakes. Over time, people have tried to produce other versions to make readings clear and original.

    Scholars of its cultural element appreciate it. An astrological Romance is a love story of two people with different zodiac signs. The man is Capricorn, who fell in love with a woman holding the Libra sign zodiac sign individual. 

    Other astrological books that Eleanor has written include:

    • Astrology earth: Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn 
    • Astrology water: Cancer, Scorpio & pieces
    • Astrological fire: Aries, Leo & Sagittarius
    • Astrological air: Gemini, Libra & Aquarius. 

    These books generally describe each zodiac sign. They mention their characteristics and features and relate them to water, air, fire and earth. She also tries to group them in order of months they should appear.

    Elanor’s Role in Women's Rights 

    Elanor is one of the prominent and strong leaders to lead the suffragist voices during the 19th century. Her husband deserted her during her first marriage. After a decade of betrayal and physical abuse, she had five children to be cared for. Eleanor has criticized doctors who support abortion and protested for women's rights. 

    She wrote for “The Revolution”, one of the suffragist publishing papers. There, she joined Elizabeth Cad Stanton and Susan Antony, feminists and prominent writers for The Revolution. Through her writings, Eleanor urged women to avoid getting from an abusive relationship or marriage when it's too late. 

    According to Kirk, women could be independent and not rely on their husbands. She stated that women should have equal rights as men and should be educated. In “What will become of babies?” Kirk mentions that feminism is a significant element in exterminating abortion. Similar words are available in her book Up Broadway. The book shows the predicament of women subjecting themselves to double standards and getting decent life opportunities. Such women are often abused and betrayed by their husbands. Since it was a life she underwent, she discourages women from jumping to men with good social status while lacking one. Instead, women should look for empowerment and become better in the community.   

    Her works earn her respect and recognition from the president of feminists of life during that time, Serrin Foster. Serrin mentions they love Kirk's work, particularly when she links unborn and women's rights. 

    Eleanor claims that women tend to wake up to house duties. However, women can be offered more by having the right to public affairs, such as economic and social issues. 

    She also urges men to accept equal opportunities to women if they want strong and intelligent women in their families. Eleanor fights dissoluteness when she persists that women are vital people in any society through her books.