Discover Anna Ames' favorite character in Movie 'ZODIAC CRUSH'

Discover Anna Ames' favorite character in Movie 'ZODIAC CRUSH'

Anna Ames is a rising star in the music industry, known for her captivating performances and unique style. As a singer-songwriter who performs on trap beats, Anna has developed a loyal following of fans who appreciate her powerful voice and soulful lyrics. Recently, Anna made an appearance at the private movie screening event for “Zodiac Crush” in Downtown Austin, Texas at the Violet Crown Cinema, where she shared her thoughts on the film and connected with the Director and Creator of the movie Mike Anthony.

Anna Ames (Singer) with Mike Anthony (Creative Director) and Michelle Ravitch (Movie Star)

Before the event, Anna had a chance encounter with Mike Anthony, who was drawn to her powerful voice while she was singing with her windows down at a stoplight. Mike was impressed with her talent and ran into traffic to extend an invitation to the movie. Anna, who had always been fascinated by astrology, was excited to attend and see the first reality tv dating movie film that explores the connection between love and astrology.

At the event, Anna was interviewed about her thoughts on the movie. She shared that she really enjoyed it and found it to be entertaining. Her favorite character was Michelle Ravitch, the star of the movie. Anna was also impressed by Mike Anthony’s numerology predictions, which added an extra layer of depth to the movie. She found the character Duanyay to be hilarious and enjoyed the unexpected black hole exit scenes, which had her laughing out loud. In fact, after watching the movie, Anna was inspired to take a deeper look into her own astrology and numerology.

Singer Anna Ames interviewed at ‘Zodiac Crush’ Private Event

Anna had recently discovered that she was a Life Path 8, a number associated with strength, leadership, and success. As fate would have it, Anna and Mike share the same Life Path number, which is often considered a meaningful connection in numerology. Their chance encounter at the stoplight and subsequent meeting at the movie premiere event seemed destined to happen. Anna was thrilled to have connected with Mike and other like-minded creatives at the event, and she left feeling inspired and motivated to explore the intersection of astrology and music further in her own work.

With her unique talent and passion for creativity, Anna Ames is sure to continue making waves in the music industry and inspiring fans with her powerful voice and soulful lyrics. To further connect with Anna Ames and to watch the interview video on youtube follow the links below!