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Fort Worth Weekly Interviews Hosts of Zodiac Crush Mike Anthony & Rachel Black on Astrology Dating

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The Article: 

Writer Edward Brown sat down with Hosts Mike Anthony & Rachel Black from "Zodiac Crush" to discuss the movie and the future possibilities of astrology & numerology dating compatibility!

Highlighted Quotes:

"The premiere of Zodiac Crush was treated as a star-studded affair. When show hosts Mike Anthony and Rachel Black stepped out of the limo, the few dozen fans gathered at Four Day Weekend Theater whooped and cheered." -Edward Brown

"While contestants on dating shows typically rely on antics and showmanship to swoon a target man or woman, Zodiac Crush views dating through the lens of astrology. Hosts Anthony and Black try to predict how contestants will do based on their zodiac signs and give post-date commentary about astrological personality types. The show is funny, smart, and informative." -Edward Brown

"Numerology reads you like a book. It validates what you are doing."-Mike Anthony

"We are in the Sagittarius season. It’s all about going forth, being exciting, and having the energy of a little kid wanting to explore. This time of year is about being bold." -Rachel Black

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