UK vs USA: Who’s Astrology Dating Show is Better?

UK vs USA: Who’s Astrology Dating Show is Better?

The First two astrology dating experiments premiere across the world on the same exact day! 

Both on November 27th, 2022 - in the USA “Zodiac Crush” premiered in theatre downtown Fort Worth, Texas and in the UK “Written in the Stars” premiered on Discovery+ streaming service!

The two shows are an astrology dating experiment but both differ from each other in many ways. “Written in The Stars” is a very comparable dating show to the Bachelors series “paradise island”. A group of people thrown into one house and a bunch of drama occurs. (how predictable)

While “Zodiac Crush” on the other hand shares a new style of reality tv that has not been seen before. It is an independent film produced by Mike Anthony. the dates are real, and the feelings are genuine. Michelle the Star of the film dates 5 guys with all varying astrology and numerology backgrounds. The Hosts Rachel Black and Mike Anthony predict the dates using Sun Signs, Moon Signs, and Life Path Numbers.

a quote from Mike Anthony on the show:

“I believe people are growing tired of watching over dramatized reality TV. Most of the current dating shows are becoming evidently scripted and non-genuine.

When watching Zodiac Crush, the viewer will immediately sense these are true first dates and will fall in love with all the strong unique personalities on the show.”

Where can I watch Zodiac Crush online or in person?

Zodiac Crush will be online for streaming in early 2023, currently it is only being screened in Theatre. 


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