"ZODIAC CRUSH" The First Dating Movie based on Astrology & Numerology

"ZODIAC CRUSH" The First Dating Movie based on Astrology & Numerology



What is Zodiac Crush?

"ZODIAC CRUSH" is the first dating experiment movie to incorporate both astrology & numerology compatibility.

Who is the Star of The Show?

Michelle Ravitch (Leo Life Path 9) - Owner of Ravitch's Rentals Luxury Cars and Dallas Highland Park Science Teacher meets 5 guys to see if she will find her perfect match based on Astrological & Numerological compatibility!

Who are the Hosts?

Numerology Expert Mike Anthony & Astrology Expert Rachel Black are the hosts of Zodiac Crush and with their knowledge they predict the chemistry of Michelle's 5 matches. With a focus on Sun Signs, Moon Signs, and Life Path Numbers. 

Numerology expert Mike Anthony claims, "True compatibility can not solely rely on astrology for this only breaks down our emotions and personal characteristics where as with numerology and specifically life path numbers we can understand a persons mission in life as well as their ambitions. I believe It is a crucial factor that both parties when coming together have supporting ambitions and agreeing values on how life should be lived."

A Quote from Astrology Expert Rachel Black, "Astrology goes deeper than any bio, dating app, or insta post. It truly shows the blueprint of someones soul and essence. Astrology allows to understand what energy someone has (signs) where that energy will express itself in life (planets), and how that energy will manifest (houses). You can understand why your partner is the way they are, and learn how to create balance in the relationship comparing each others charts. All in all, it's the cheat code to finding your perfect Zodiac Crush."

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This 90 minute film was independently produced by Mike Anthony and Michelle Ravitch with the purpose of creating real reality tv and inspiring the world to become more interested with astrology and numerology in specific to its use in dating compatibility. The hosts of the show are Mike Anthony & Rachel Black they both use their knowledge to predict the chemistry on all of the dates before they happen! find out if Astrology & Numerology is the new way to date by Watching "Zodiac Crush"!



Who is the Cast of Zodiac Crush?

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