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Astrology Presents

Cancer "Catching a Crab" Hardcover Journal Matte

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Cancer is the sign called the paradox of the twelve. A few harmonious people are to be found in it, who as far as known have not given any special attention to mental or spiritual development; but, generally speaking, the genius of the Cancer sign is exceedingly difficult to explain.Those born under it have a persistent will, a clutch of determination, intuition, and Purpose. Yet they often let go for a slight reason, or for no apparent reason. They are invincible to argument, and cannot be talked out of a thing; but if their feelings are hurt, they are apt to lose heart, and abandon whatever they have undertaken. Their great sensitiveness leads them into the most absurd extremes. They are as strong as giants and as weak as infants. These people are fond of travel, often taking long voyages, which are not always successful. Those born under Cancer will be gifted in many directions far above the average, if educated thoroughly. They have a very superior intelligence, and an aptitude for learning new things and working out new principles. They are generous and full of sympathy for the public good, but they demand full independence.

Antique Inspiration for Modern Re-Imagination.

At Astrology Presents we Rebirth Antique Designs from the 19th Century & prior with a mission of sharing creations that have been lost in time. 

  • To Inspire the Modern Imagination to be curious of Art, History, and the progression of human design.
  • Sharing the Truths of the Influence of the Planets & Stars upon ourselves

Journal Specs:

 Size 5.75"x8" / 75 lined single pages


Matte finish & Case wrap binding