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Astrology Presents

Sagittarius Faux Suede Pillow

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Sagittarius people usually aim well and hit the mark in all matters. Because of this characteristic they are prophetic, and can tell the outcome of almost any enterprise from its inception. They rarely make mistakes when they follow their own inspirations, but are sure to be led astray if they rely upon the advice of others. Sagittarius people are born busy, and keep busy under all circumstances. They are distinguished for minding their own business and keeping their own secrets. They do not trouble their neighbors' affairs, but are exceedingly active on their own. They always want to finish one thing before they begin another, and are remarkable for their carefulness. These people are enterprising, progressive, and far-seeing, always courageous in an emergency, but frequently timid and afraid when there is no need for action or quick thought. An emergency is an inspiration.

Antique Inspiration for Modern Re-Imagination.

At Astrology Presents we Rebirth Antique Designs from the 19th Century & prior with a mission of sharing creations that have been lost in time. 

  • To Inspire the Modern Imagination to be curious of Art, History, and the progression of human design.
  • Sharing the Truths of the Influence of the Planets & Stars upon ourselves
Pillow Specs: 
100% Faux suede cover
100% Polyester pillow included
Concealed zipper