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Astrology Presents

Lifepath 4 Sweatshirt (6 Colors)

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In Numerology the Number 4 is the symbol of Solidity. It is a dependable number but is restricted in its scope, and stands for a definite sphere of action, with little departure from established position. It is a number of the commonplace, lacking the brilliant or singular characteristics of other numbers.It is a number of useful purpose, constant toil, and monotony. Number 4 is the significance of passive strength. It stands for the square, equally and symmetrically divided, yet lacking the unique qualities of other numbers. It is a number of foundations, of steadiness, and things that endure; yet like all the things that we commonly see about us, it is accepted as a matter of course, and is little appreciated.

Antique Inspiration for Modern Re-Imagination.

At Astrology Presents we Rebirth Antique Designs from the 19th Century & prior with a mission of sharing creations that have been lost in time. 

  • To Inspire the Modern Imagination to be curious of Art, History, and the progression of human design.
  • Sharing the Truths of the Influence of the Planets & Stars upon ourselves