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Limited Edition "Zodiac Crush" Movie Puzzle Game! (252 Pieces)

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Introducing our high-quality 11" x 14" 25 piece puzzle, the perfect gift for astrology and numerology enthusiasts of all ages. Made from top-grade chipboard pieces and printed using vibrant sublimation technology, this puzzle is sure to delight with its stunning and detailed imagery.

The puzzle features an iconic rooftop cast photo of "Zodiac Crush," the first-ever astrology and numerology dating movie that stars Michelle Ravitch and follows her journey dating 5 bachelors of all different zodiac signs and life path numbers. Expert predictions by numerology and astrology experts Mike Anthony and Rachel Black add an extra layer of intrigue to this captivating 90-minute feature film.

Packaged in a glossy gift-ready paper box, this puzzle is ready to be given as a gift or kept as a collectible item. The stunning imagery of the cast photo will make a beautiful addition to any puzzle collection or home decor.

Experience the thrill of astrology and numerology through the eyes of Michelle Ravitch and her journey to find love. This puzzle is the perfect way to commemorate this unique and captivating film. Order now and see how the pieces come together to create a beautiful picture of the "Zodiac Crush" cast photo.

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Katia Aguirre

I guess I'm a super fan now.. Puzzle arrived fast