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Astrology Presents

Men's Scorpio "Bobby's Composition" Tee

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Scorpio people are allied to the great powers of the ocean of this planet, and are possessed of a wonderful vibratory force, which gives them a great vitality through electro-magnetic Influences. So marked is this power that they are able to benefit all who are closely connected with them. Their personal presence is healing. They possess indomitable will and self control, and remarkable skill in the use of their hands. Their touch is so firm and delicate, their observation so keen, their poise so perfect, that they make the best surgeons in the world. They are not moved by the complaints or fears of their patients, and preserve the coolness of their native element under all circumstances, however trying. Such persons are often considered unfeeling and unsympathetic, and this is sometimes true, though more frequently is an appearance caused by a resolute and unflinching determination to succeed. Before an operation some of these surgeons are regarded by their patients as demons. Afterwards they are always gods. The genius of eloquence is sometimes a direct inheritance of those born under this sign.

Antique Inspiration for Modern Re-Imagination.

At Astrology Presents we Rebirth Antique Designs from the 19th Century & prior with a mission of sharing creations that have been lost in time. 

  • To Inspire the Modern Imagination to be curious of Art, History, and the progression of human design.
  • Sharing the Truths of the Influence of the Planets & Stars upon ourselves

T-Shirt Specs:

100% cotton
Light fabric 
Loose fit
Tear away label
Runs smaller than usual