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Astrology Presents

Pisces Hardcover Journal Matte

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Pisces people have a deep, hidden love nature, and are always anxious to give of their abundance to all who need it. They are natural lovers, and their realm is the kingdom of the Soul. They rarely look for dishonesty; on the contrary, are prone to have too much confidence in the words and promises of those they love. They are very loyal to their friends, and will defend them whether right or wrong. It is almost impossible for the average Pisces person to acknowledge a flaw in the person cared for. These are the people who will deny themselves the absolute comforts of life to further the interests of relatives or friends These are also the people of quick attractions and equally quick repulsions, though they are generally too kind to let their aversions be seen. They are very fond of beautiful things in nature and art, and among them are to be found excellent art critics, artists, and writers. They have a limpid purity of style when properly educated, that resembles the clear, blue, shimmering water which is their native element. When writing, they have always an eye to the placidly picturesque. These Pisces people are also very magnetic.

Antique Inspiration for Modern Re-Imagination.

At Astrology Presents we Rebirth Antique Designs from the 19th Century & prior with a mission of sharing creations that have been lost in time. 

  • To Inspire the Modern Imagination to be curious of Art, History, and the progression of human design.
  • Sharing the Truths of the Influence of the Planets & Stars upon ourselves

Journal Specs:

 Size 5.75"x8" / 75 lined single pages


Matte finish & Case wrap binding