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"Practical Palmistry: Hand Reading Simplified" By Saint Germain 1897 E-BOOK

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Practical Palmistry: Hand Reading Simplified by Saint Germain 1st Edition Book printed in 1897 is full of detailed information as well as diagrams showing what to look for on the palms. 

A Passage from the Author:

"Be thou believer or unbeliever in the ancient Science of Palmistry, I invite thee, earnestly and cordially, to peruse these pages with such patience and attention as my long and conscientious labor deserves.

Thou shalt be rewarded by obtaining clear and reliable insight into thy life - past, present, and future- and also if thou carest, into the lives and fates of those who will, for a few moment, place their hands into thy keeping."

-Saint-Germaine (The Author)

Review from Mike Anthony:

As the author states above with care and patience reading this book will bring wonderful insight into the knowledge of yourself and past lives. As well as your friends and family as you all gather around to read each others palms. Reading this book also gave me the knowledge to be able to spot shapes of peoples hands and get insight into their character from merely seeing the way their hand is built! beyond the lines of the palms our hands are a map and with this map we are given guidance to life itself!