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The Influence of The Zodiac Upon Human Life - Eleanor Kirk 1894 (AUDIOBOOK)

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In this book by Eleanor Kirk covers in depth the personal appearance, companions, faults, diseases, mode of growth, and government of children for each zodiac sign as well as those born upon the cusp.
Review by Mike Anthony: WOW! Eleanor Kirk was far beyond her time and is one of my favorite astrology authors, this book is not only great for beginners, but also those already well informed. Eleanor had a keen insight into each zodiac sign and in this book she does not hold back when telling the strengths and weaknesses of each sign. An interesting note is her chapters on how to raise a child of each zodiac sign, a very helpful insight to all parents! When reading this book one can not help but to nod their head with agreement on every page! Being able to read a book written over 127 years ago and see the consistency of the zodiac science remain exact throughout all this time is marvelous!
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Who is Eleanor Kirk?

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Book Specs:
Published by Eleanor Kirk 696 Green Ave., Brooklyn New York
Copyright 1894 (191 Pages)