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The Memory of Past Births 1899 Charles Johnston E-BOOK

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Copyright 1899 by Charles Johnston "The Memory of Past Births"

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"By reading the title, The Memory of Past Births, you have already taken the first step toward remembering, for you have sowed in your mind the seed of an idea which will germinate and grow till at last it blossoms into full knowledge." - CJ 

This is a great read for anyone curious about remembering their past lives, Charles Johnston goes over the historical teachings of reincarnation through many different cultures spanning across Asia and Europe with high regards to the Upanishads for their contribution to the teachings of Past Lives. 

An easy short read with only 55 pages!

Review by Mike Anthony:

This book was a fast and super informative read that was clear and straight to the history! Charles Johnston starts by going over the history of the belief in re-incarnation. Where the idea was first conceived and how it was progressed through time. Later on he gets into how we can use our subconscious minds through meditation to bring remembrance of past lives we have lived. He states the belief that all of us are the same souls joining each other again throughout all time periods!